Tuesday, March 9, 2010

working with palettes, yeargh

For anyone who's been reading this, (I'm looking at you, diaz and isabella) y'all know that last week or two weeks ago or something I was having major color worries. Not so much that I thought that I couldn't get my stuff together ever to do it, but it just took a lot of analysis to really figure out what I was trying to do.

The main thing was that I had all these separate visions of the two worlds that existed, outside and in the woods, that sometimes conflicted with each other.

After looking at some of my favorite paintings by Ashley Wood and James Jean, I finally realized that if just set up color rules for myself that stayed constant, it'd be so much easier for me to start jumping into paintings without worry.

The first one I gave a shot was the field and outdoor palette, based a lot on this image by james jean (who, by the way, apparently just updated his site! how exciting!) I didn't want the total, almost monochromatic feel of it, but the way that the gold is almost overpowering seemed to have something I was going for.

The next one I worked on was the in the woods palette. This was based mostly on my own picturing of the woods. It's probably a little more naturalistic and true to life than the other. I haven't decided yet if I want it to be dreamier than that, or what, but maybe I can just achieve that using glow-y light. "Nymphs and Satyr" by Bougareau takes a really nice look at executing that approach because it's technically in the woods, they all should be in shadow, but the light from the other world can still descend down. The juxtaposition of these two world gives you a lot of possibility to focus on certain compositional elements and even make certain symbolic implications while doing that.

Anyway, so I think all that stuff is good. In other news, I did a quick poll on my facebook on who would be interested in buying this book and have a list of almost 40 people now that I know would like it! holy crap! I thought I wouldn't make it to 25. Guess I'm doing alright.

Blast from the past #2 in a little bit, i think.


  1. Congrats about the book count - don't know HOW you ever had any doubts! Hey how about linking your blog post updates to facebook? You'll def get more buyers that way - trust me! As for this post it made me smile from ear to ear - your color studies are right one the money, beautiful and art pieces in their own right! Than there's that darn Bougareau painting- how did you know and where do you get these things from!! Did I know you in a past life or something or maybe the pntg in my living room subliminally affected you:))

  2. Yeah, you're going to need a lot of books. Especially after you get famous, people will be crawling for those things. Plus, when I get famous and sell them in my shop everyone will be begging for a copy. I love the palettes. Did you make them online? I could totally do that with my runway thing. i dig the nymphs. the lighting or lack of or whatever is happening is very pretty.